MiNT InstantFlex TL70

The Extraordinary World's First Twin Lens Instant Camera

MiNT Instantflex TL70 instant twin lens reflex camera instax

InstantFlex TL70 is a carefully designed twin lens instant film camera inspired by Rolleiflex and Polaroid.The roots of TL70 are implanted in the classic twin lens camera. An engineering masterpiece that synchronizes elegance and function. A timeless camera that stands the test of time.

The InstantFlex viewfinder uses a bright anti-glare coated glass pane that yields a cinematic view of the world with a focusing grid guide 1:1 preview of your image. The grid is rectangular and exactly the same as the Instax mini film.

Aperture control

Manual lens aperture control gives the TL70 its amazing versatility to produce mesmerizing bokeh thanks to the largest aperture ƒ/5.6 among all instant cameras!

Precise manual focusing

TL70's comes with controllable manual lens focus adjusting 0.48m (0.18m with close up lens) to infinity that you can rarely find on instant cameras.

Waist-level viewfinder

InstantFlex's Large Square Fresnel viewfinder Focusing guide for 1:1 preview allows for Waist-level and direct viewfinder options — Perfect for street photography.

Twin Lens Design

Combining classic aesthetics and modern functionalities, while staying true to the original twin lens design, InstantFlex TL70 is the most user-friendly twin lens instant camera available. It leverages unique features such as aperture control, focusing, multiple, long exposures and close-up to empower the modern instant camera photographer.
TL70 is the perfect companion for artistic expression through instant film photography. A timeless camera that stands the test of time.

Make memories today with a camera that lasts forever.